Publications include:

copies of academic papers available on request. Other articles and resources also available

(2015) Treasuring the social in social pedagogy, Children Australia, Vol. 40, Issue 04, pp 348-350

(2013) A passion for children in care, in ‘Becoming a social worker’(2nd edition), Prof. Viv Cree (editor), London: Routledge

(2012) Co-author Head Heart Hands Reference Tool, London: the Fostering Network and Social Pedagogy Consortium

(2011) Co-author Comprehensive Course Handbook, Thempra Social Pedagogy

(2012) Social Pedagogy: differences and links to existing child care practice, Children Australia, Vol. 36, issue 4, pp 199-206. 

(2010) London Pledge Practice Prompts, London: National Children’s Bureau

(2008) Self Harm Practice Reference Guide, London: National Children’s Bureau

Experienced in writing user-friendly policy, procedure, standards, ​guidance, Statements of Purpose and Function, Young People's guides etc that are effective in translating theory, research, law and regulation into practice

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