​Kemp Consultancy

  • Independent consultancy 
  • Training courses, learning and development support
  • Service analysis, review and development
  • Independent supervision and mentoring (remote & in person)
  • Collaboration with exceptional social work, social pedagogy and education professionals

With over three decades of experience in UK children's social care as a practitioner, manager, academic, consultant and trainer, and as the UK's first person to hold a UK masters degree in social pedagogy, I offer a consultancy service that understands and promotes the interplay between the fields of social work, social care, education and social pedagogy to provide more ethically based services and professional education and training. 

Social pedagogy, social care

Consultancy, training, support & development

Ms Robyn Kemp - DipSW, MA

  • Children and young people in residential and foster care
  • Children and young people on the edge of care
  • Social Pedagogy 
  • Service analysis, review and strategic development
  • Leadership and organisational development
  • Supervision & mentoring
  • Critical reflection

This the reflection in a pond at Tatton Park, Cheshire, taken March, 2016. For me, it symbolises the reflective approach I practice and promote; an image rich with potential perspectives.

Qualified in both social work and social pedagogy I have been working long and hard to spread an understanding of and practice in social pedagogy to UK social work and social care practitioners, educators and policy makers. I believe there are great gains to be made from a social pedagogical approach to practice, as social pedagogy can help practitioners to better connect with the ethical purposes of their work and develop the authentic relationships with children, young people and others find most useful. 

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